A first success: In 2021 I will heat the family home CO2-neutral.

Heat pump & green electricity

As I have already mentioned in my inventory, we use a modern heat pump in our house to heat the house and supply it with hot water. In the transition period we also heat with a wood stove. For this we need about 0.2 m3 of wood per year.

While we changed the normal electricity for domestic use to an eco-tariff some years ago, this was unfortunately not available for the heat pump tariff at that time.

Therefore I have compared some electricity providers in the last days and asked my current electricity provider explicitly if the heat pump electricity can be changed to an eco-tariff.

Fortunately, I was informed that the Lübeck public utility company will quietly and secretly supply the heat pump tariff with 100% eco-electricity as early as 2020, so that noCO2 emissions will occur.



Interim result

This brings our total CO2 footprint to 18.94 t CO2/year for the entire household. With three people we are at 6.3 t CO2/year and head.

There was nothing to be done for this step. When researching alternative electricity providers, I also came across a number of interesting offers that may even save us money in the future. After the positive news from the Lübeck Stadtwerke company, it has not yet been decided whether or not we will actually change the electricity provider. In any case, we do not have to make any restrictions for this first step and there is no additional financial burden.

Challenge: Climate neutrality.

I want to significantly reduce my CO2 footprint as early as 2021 and become climate neutral in the future. If you want to join me on this adventure and are interested in my progress and thoughts, I will report about it on this page.

If you have any ideas or are facing a similar task, I would be very happy to hear your comment or message.


12. October 2020
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07. October 2020
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Carbon Footprint: 0

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